About Us

Princess Yasmin Collection is an extraordinary selection of affordable fashions and designer focused jewellery that showcases our passion in a mosaic of artistic designs and swirls of colours in a trendy and modern website.

We created our store in 2011 as an organically evolving collection that features the latest in popular trends and fashion on a global level. We are exclusive stockists of Maestro & Hennessy®️ and other fine fashion labels. 

Our fashions and jewellery have a flair for an exotic array of materials and fine workmanship, sourced from around the world, and presented in an accessible online retail store.


Sumeena Chaudhary, Olivia Newton John, Peggy Nomikos


Much of our collection appeals to the senses with the use of floral colours, luxurious linens, soft silks, shimmering crystals, natural stones, contemporary glass and resin detailing, classic and modern designs, in the highest quality we could source.

Princess Yasmin Collection has been established for over 10 years with affordable fine fashion retail stores and wholesale distribution within Australia. We recently emerged with a professional online presence to allow our products to be made available in the comfort of your own home.

As an established company we have vertically integrated directly with our manufacturers, who happen to be affiliated with some of the world’s most famous brands.

This strategic model allows us to sell our fashions and jewellery at the lowest possible prices directly from the source to the consumer. In a world of social media, power through branding, and stand-alone websites, we have the unique opportunity to reach the world by simply turning on your phone.

We have offered everything from exclusive international fine fashions of international designer brands such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar De La Renta, Moschino, etc. Our exclusive relationships allow us to attend prestigious fashion shows in Milan and Paris, where we were introduced to the world of luxury fashion and designer brands.


We are exclusive stockists of Maestro & Hennessy®️, a fashion-focused fine jewellery label that has won prestigious awards in the fashion fairs within Australia. Renown for their tasteful visual merchandising and unique collection of products, our customers have fallen head over heels in love with their jewellery! We are excited to be part of this brand and experience it blossoming in the online world.

As a continually evolving organisation, we are consistently looking for new avenues of distribution and promotional concepts to further our retail reach. We are currently working with magazines and modelling agencies to feature stocked fashion and jewellery.

We are constantly looking to improve our online boutique and any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated with open arms.